At Solutions for Leisure, we know how important it is to ensure that your lockers are usable and in good working condition and our qualified and experienced staff can service all makes and models of lockers and locks, including wooden lockers, laminate lockers, metal lockers and bespoke lockers.

Broken lockers can make your business seem less professional and give customers or staff the wrong impression but if you employ Solutions for Leisure for your locker servicing needs you can be sure that your business needs will be met efficiently.

Whether you want a yearly service agreement or a one-off locker repair, we can create a locker servicing package that suits your needs and keeps your lockers in good condition.

We can service old and new lockers whether they were supplied by us or not and you can be sure that they will be in excellent condition when we finish.

  • As part of our locker servicing package, our reliable engineers will visit your site and provide a full site survey and quote before work is started. They will then perform a range of servicing tasks such as:
  • Checking, lubricating and re-springing door hinges where necessary.
  • Checking the alignment and operation of all locks and locker doors.
  • Adjusting and realigning any doors which aren’t closing properly.
  • Checking for damage on doors or trims and advising on any repairs or replacements that are needed.
  • Lubricating coin locks.
  • Replacing keys, wrist straps or key fobs as necessary.