We supply and install commercial lockers and industrial lockers for a variety of different business in a range of sectors.

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We offer a flexible and trustworthy service and are adept at finding the right solution for your needs, whatever the scale and type of your business.

So, whether you’re a small business looking for a few staff lockers, a large theme park which needs a considerable number of commercial lockers or a manufacturing company which needs industrial lockers to house hazardous substances, we can help.

The sorts of lockers we can provide include:

Sports and leisure lockers including leisure centre lockers, swimming pool lockers, spa lockers, golf club lockers and fitness centre lockers.

Theme park lockers and lockers which can be used by visitors to other similar attractions.

School lockers, including primary school lockers, secondary school lockers, private school lockers and lockers for schools for students with additional needs.

Staff lockers, including work-wear lockers, garment lockers and smaller lockers for personal effects.

Industrial lockers including hazardous substance lockers, cosh cabinets, pesticide cabinets, hazardous bin units and acid cabinets.
We can provide quality commercial lockers and industrial lockers for a variety of businesses – even if you’re not in the list above.

Please get in touch with us at Solutions for Leisure and we can talk to you about the best solution for your needs.