Everything you Need to Know Before Buying School Lockers and Storage

March 1, 2018

For primary schools that don’t currently operate a system of lockers, what is the chief advantage to putting them in place?

Giving pupils ownership and independence to look after their belongings is really important. Primary school pupils now have higher value possessions from what they did in the past, it’s important to give them a space that offers security.

What might the locker arrangements look like In a medium to large primary school? How many individual lockers per child or year group would you need? Do you need a system by which keys are issued and looked after? Is it possible for staff to be issued with ‘master keys’ etc?

I would advise 3- or 4-door lockers, as these are usually large enough to store a rucksack and coat. To save ongoing costs, fit latch locks for padlocks to save on lost keys and the management of the locker system.

What forms of locking system (eg combination, padlock, electronic, etc) are you able to offer?

I can do a range from keyed locks with a master key facility, latch Locks for pupils’ own padlocks, laptop charging lockers, keypad locking or smart card locking.

What are their respective advantages and disadvantages, and which are best suited to use within primary schools?

Oh there tons of advantages! Reduce lost items, and coats etc being left on coat pegs. Secure valuables, phones, money. Peace of mind for the parents too.

What does the long-term maintenance and upkeep of lockers typically involve (ie repairs, issuing of new and lost keys, testing of mechanisms, etc)?

The good news is there aren’t any real maintenance issues in primary school use. I always recommend putting the lockers in the year classrooms to keep them in good order. Plus, maintenance is available with full on-going service support as and when required.

What are the chief costs typically involved in overseeing the operation of a locker system, and how do those costs tend to be covered? (ie likelihood of pupils’ families being charged for issuing of locker throughout the year, versus school covering all costs; expense typically involved in replacing doors, locking mechanisms, keys)

If you were to fit hasp latch locks then this eliminates having ongoing cost with lost keys. You could also provide a small deposit in order to be refunded if locker is in good order at the end of term.

What are some general elements of best practice for schools to observe when putting in place a locker system for the first time, or when overhauling a system that may have already been in place for some time?

Three factors I will always discuss with you is keeping in line with your school corporate colours, whether you need small compartments, and applying low-level primary range.

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